What We Do

Manufacture all kinds of fastener dies and punches by high quality High Speed Steel and Carbide. With 20 years manufacture experiences of standard or special tools. We  supplies products worldwide to a wide variety of industries such as the automotive, aviation, mechanical engineering and defence industries.

Cold header punch,Forging punch

We produce all kind of cold header punch, including: second punch, polyyon punch,carbide punch, round punch/pin,Extrusion Punch,Knock Out Pins
Material selected by the customer, high-speed steel or Carbide from CB ceratizit or other famous brand.
Surface roughness can be achieved Ra 0.015
Coating in customer’s requirement: TIN, TIALN,Alcrona,etc

Forming dies for nut, bolt & screw

Trimming dies,Bolt Cold Former,Nut Cold Former,Forging Press,Segmented hexagon dies,Shearing Sockets,Carbide Jaws,Drill Dies,Blanks,Taptite Dies,Cores,Inserts
Dies with steel and / or carbide inserts, with single or double reinforcement, with or without coating

Precision mould and machine parts

Auxiliary tooling such as all types of die bushings and holders, punch holders, tubes, scrapers, pressure fittings and backings, as well as cutting blades and gripper fingers, Transfer Fingers,Sleeve Systems also offer a full line of casings, quills, reamers, cutoff knives, knock out pins, draw dies, etc
We provide you with the right machine parts for optimal upgrading

Standard punch of DIN,ANSI, JIS,GOST

We offer standard Solid punches, PINS with or without holders for Six lobe, Hexagon,Multipoint,Tamperproof,Combi,Struck Slot and many others.
Our products can meet major international fastener standard like GB, ANSI, JIS,DIN and GOST etc.

Customized/Special shape punch/pin

Special punch according to customer’s drawing.
Regardless of whether it is a new development or special tools based on drawings or samples, you have the requirement and we have the know-how from over 20 years.
Together we will develop the best possible solution for your needs. We are happy to assist you as a reliable partner for your projects.

Let’s Optimise the productivity of your own production with tools from KAICHEN

We have specialized in tools for screw production and are one of the market leader in China.

Together with our customers, we continuously develop our products in order to achieve the highest quality and the best tool life

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